Living in Portugal is great!

Start a business or retire in Portugal, we can help you …


We believe that Portugal is Paradise will help and assist you in an appropriate and professional way, non Portuguese citizens that wish to come to Portugal and establish here their new way of living in Portugal.

Our service is directed to senior people wishing to live their retirement in a fantastic place, as well those  wanting to invest and live in Portugal and enjoy all the wonderful things our country has to offer.

Portugal has nice places to live and where you can enjoy life.

We ourselves will be engaged in helping you to select the house that best fits your dreams, as well as other facilities and requirements in any particular region of Portugal, in order to satisfy all your  needs and ensure you a smooth transition to a fantastic living  in this beautiful country.

We have a Team with different skills, including management expertise that will provide and guarantee the quality of any required service, while  mentoring and coaching the young operational professionals.

If you are already thinking of coming to Portugal, please give us your feedback by filling in this survey, and we will get in touch with you.

Choose Portugal. We can assist you discover the best place where to live, good food, nice people, reasonable prices and some good options for property.

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