Living in Portugal is great!

Start a business or retire in Portugal, we can help you …


1 – I have already decided to move and live in Portugal – what entry requirements are needed?

If you want to move to Portugal and establish your residence here you must request, from the Portuguese embassy in your own country, the long-stay visa.

If you are a national from a European member state you just need to hold a Schengen visa and you must register as a foreign citizen in “Foreigners and Borders Service”, in your area of residence.   

2 – Do the services of Portugal is Paradise include the visa request for permanent stay ?

The visa request should be taken care of by you.  Nevertheless we can provide necessary information and contacts with  Portuguese authorities where you can ask for your permanent visa.

3 –  What taxes must  I pay on purchasing a property in Portugal ?

On acquiring property in Portugal the Municipal tax on the transference of property, calculated on the value, plus the Stamp duty, are charged.

4 – Can I look for properties directly with Real Estate companies?

Yes, you can. But Portugal is Paradise will offer a complete service, based on your specific requirements and needs. Our experts will search for you  As we are not in the Real Estate business we can provide the best choices and alternatives, and give you all the support for moving to Portugal (choosing a place, a property, advising you with taxes,  health places, leisure and sports, etc.).

5  – Are there any properties for sale by others than real estate agencies?

Yes. there are some properties placed in the market by private sellers. Normally they just place an advert at the property with a phone contact. Portugal is Paradise has Local Consultants that are monitoring these properties and can provide detailed information according to your needs and requirements. We can contact the seller or just give you the contact.

6 – Do you have  any experience using social network platforms?

Yes. Facebook is the most used social network, it is widely spread all over the country.
Portugal is Paradise has a Facebook page, enabling us to look at “posts” placed by private sellers.

7 – How many different places can I choose ?

No limit. You can choose as many places as you like. We will charge you based on time spent to give you the possible alternatives, according to your choice.

8 – I have special health needs. Are these covered by your services ?

Yes. In accordance with the questionnaire received from you and other requisites provided, our consultants will take into account all the different aspects when choosing the best alternatives (such as the closest hospital and medical assistance)

9 – Does your service include support after being installed ?

Yes. We will give you all the support and information needed to help  speed up your integration.

10 – What has Portugal to offer comparing with Spain or Italy ?

You have a big diversity of places in Portugal, from countryside to beach – you just need to choose which fits better your way of living. Portugal is one of the best places in the world to live or to move when retired.   The cost of living is cheaper if compared with Spain or Italy.

The Portuguese government has introduced a 10-year tax exemption , opening a window of opportunities for foreigners who want to live their retired life in Portugal , and who want to enjoy a reduced cost of living thanks to having no income tax deductions applied to their pensions.

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