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Our Services Procedure

How to start Using Our Services

We kindly ask you to answer our survey, which was prepared to enable us to have a first identification of your requirements and wishes. After the reception of this survey, we will contact you first by mail and then at a later stage by skype or phone call. On the basis of these contacts we will be in a position to study your requirements and to send you our proposal and advice on the process you wish us to participate in. On agreement we will take all the necessary steps, giving you a feedback on each milestone achieved.

Following Steps

After you have taken your decision to move to Portugal we would be at your disposal to continue assisting you. This can include, assistance in the negotiation phase, legal advice, relations with Portuguese authorities, assistance in any refurbishment of the house, maintenance of swimming pools, gardens, assistance in particular conditions related to heath, security, etc. Our web site will also provide you with information about cultural, gastronomic and other events, but we are available for any additional assistance you may need.

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