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Our Services

Portugal is Paradise® manages with a consultative approach to identify, recommend and follow all your steps on your decision to move and to live in Portugal.

Have a look at our scope of services:

  • Real Estate & Housing

Real estate investment opportunities
Property search (to buy or to rent)
Renovation works
Property evaluations
Portuguese utilities (gas, water, electricity)

  • Fiscal & Finance

Banks in Portugal
Open a bank account
Local tax regimes
Tax reforms
Tax investments income
Tax planning

  • Legal & Administration

Entry requirements
Resident requirements
Portugal golden visa
Work permits
Ssocial security

  • Health & Insurance

Healthcare needs
Healthcare insurances

  • Family & Education

Learn portuguese
Childcare and portuguese schools
International schools
Get married in Portugal

  • Culture & Recreation

Cultural events and facilities
Sport facilities

  • Job & Business

Job opportunities
Doing business in Portugal

  • Logistic of Moving

Household goods, insurances, pets

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